Pet cat sees balloon for the first time ever, has the cutest reaction. Watch | Trending

When you have pets in the house or are used to the kind of behavior that they are known to dole out, videos such as this one won’t come as a surprise to you. But no matter if that is the case or not, you will find this particular cat video that has recently been shared on Instagram quite hilarious and interesting to watch. It opens to show how a cute little cat gets to see a balloon for the first time in his life. Naturally, the adorable pet cat gets very curious about this brand-new object and expresses this curiosity in the sweetest way possible. And this is exactly what has been making netizens go ‘aww’ and keep watching this cat video on loop.

The Instagram page that this video has been shared on is dedicated to the cat who can be seen in this video. The cat is named Uno and has black fur on his body. On his Instagram page, one gets to see different photos and videos that showcase what the cat stays up to on a regular basis. He has over 96,500 dedicated followers and is often up to the cutest of things, including this instance of getting to understand what a balloon is.

Watch the video here:

The cat video has been posted to Instagram on August 29 and has received over 3.53 lakh likes on it as of now. The video has also amassed several comments.

“My cat hated my birthday balloon lol,” shared an Instagram user. “The face you made,” another individual directed at Uno. “We need a part two,” urged a third.


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