Cats left abandoned as US Embassy moves to new location


With the US Embassy in Ankara moving to its new location, some 25 to 30 cats living in the former embassy building’s garden have been left abandoned, as per claims, though animal lovers have been extending help to look after those cats.


The US Embassy moved to its new premises on Aug. 29 through an official ceremony held by Ambassador Jeff Flake and embassy staff.

The American diplomats had built shelters in the garden to take care of and feed them.

Following the moving of the embassy to the new premises, some animal lovers on Ayrancı-Paris Street in Ankara have started looking after those cats.

After serving in Ankara’s Kavaklidere district for 68 years, the US Embassy moved to its new location in the Çankaya district’s Çukurambar Neighborhood.

It took $600 million to build the new embassy building, which is intact with high-security features.



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