Pet cats ‘fits and sits’ into progressively smaller boxes in this viral video | Trending

If you are someone who isn’t new to the Internet and is well-versed in the trends that are brought about by pets on it, be it cats or dogs, then you will probably have a fair idea about the the ‘If I fits , I sit’trend. And in a latest addition to those kind of videos, a video of a cat has recently been shared on Instagram and has been going all kinds of viral for the cutest and funniest of reasons at the same time. The video opens to show how a human narrates, via text inserts, that the cat will now be sitting inside various cardboard boxes.

“Do you think you could go smaller?” asks the caption that has been shared along with this cat video. It is also accompanied by the emoji of a laughing face with tears in its eyes. The video has been shared on the page that is dedicated to this adorable cat named Mr. Milo the Chonk.

Take a look at the cat video right here:

Shared on September 7, this cat video has received over 3.61 lakh likes on it so far.

“He looked happier, the smaller, the boxes got,” pointed out an individual. “This is the best thing I have seen all day. Thank you,” commented another. “He looks proud of himself,” posted a third.


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