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Looking for a way to bond with your cat and give her a special treat at the same time?

Lickable cat treats are an awesome option when it’s time for a snack. The tasty purees come in a variety of flavors and, thanks to their high moisture content, can help ensure your cat stays hydrated, too.

We also love that these cat treats can be interactive and provide a great way to bond with your cat. With tube cat treats like these, a cat parent can hold the packaged end of the treat while their cat licks the other side (and if frozen beforehand, can make for a cool summer treat on a hot day!).

When shopping, you’ll want to look out for cat treats that are made with natural ingredients and are free of artificial additives. And of course, you’ll want to consider the price point, as well as what your cat already loves to eat. If he’s a fish guy, look for salmon, for example. Chances are, he’ll enjoy every lick!

Here are our top picks for lickable cat treats:

6 best lickable cat treats

In this roundup, Lauren Hoepner, a copy editor here at The Dodo, tried all of the above lickable cat treats on her kitty, Miele.

“I’ve tried a few brands of lickable cat treats in the past, and Miele has really enjoyed them,” Hoepner told The Dodo. “I wanted to see if there were any brands that could prove to be super enjoyable for Miele while also being healthy, occasional additions to her diet. Especially for the summer, the added moisture from lickable treats is a huge appeal to me as a cat parent who wants to make sure her cat is staying hydrated throughout the day.”

So, the next time your cat is nosing around for a special snack, consider a lickable cat treat. These tasty and nutritious options are a great way to spend a little quality time with your BFF.

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